An experienced HR Leader is critical to the effective management of the talent function, in any organisation. Hiring the right leader may take time, and is definitely a decision that should not be rushed. In the mean time, an Interim HR Leader can come on board to take the reins of the HR function.  If desired, during this period a search for the HR head can also be undertaken. The Interim HR Leader will work with the HR team to develop the Human Resources architecture, and help the hired incumbent to effectively transition to this role.

The HR Leader will also be able to channelize the expertise of The HR Practice to your firm, as required.

The Interim HR Leader Brings:

·       Experience: The experienced, independent view an Interim Leader brings to the table provides a unique perspective to the company. With no umbilical cords, and without any legacy vested interests, a talented interim Leader brings unadulterated value to the organization, and provide tangible short-term solutions that dovetail into longer term strategies.

·       Value plus plus: It’s possible that the expertise of a full-time HR senior leader is not really needed for the long term. You just need enough time and attention from an HR senior to sustain the ongoing initiatives and provide the HR team direction. Outsourcing this role is a smart move because you can identify the very best resource for your part-time or strategic initiatives, and bring them on-board only for the duration of the change or the introduction of revised strategy.

·       Quick, effective deployment & transition: We commence with a clear brief about your specific outcomes and the requisite skills, competencies, and culture-fit required from a candidate. We then reach out to the most suitable candidate for the interim role, from our close network of experienced interim leaders. Once we have established who is currently available, we shortlist and send you details of candidates, and close in on the deployment of the most suitable person. Our sister concern, The Search Practice, provides us with a database and access to a network of the HR fraternity in India. We will be able to find the right person to manage your HR function temporarily, in a matter of just few weeks.

·       Robust Governance to augment predictability of outcome: The performance of the individual we place is driven and enabled by the strong governance framework, and tried and tested services of our Enterprise Outsourcing model.