The HR Practice partners with clients to help them enhance their people effectiveness. Since our inception in July 2005, we have partnered successfully with organizations large and small, local and global, to provide cutting edge HR solutions, tailor-made to the organization's DNA. We have pioneered several HR solutions across different sectors, including technology, retail, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, media and manufacturing. 


The HR Practice and Your Organization

With the growth of an organization comes the evolving needs of the team members. Companies are faced with the challenge of finding & attracting expert and mature HR talent. Companies often find themselves in need of experts to design and implement relevant Human Capital Management Solutions. The HR Practice provides solutions as per the client's requirements, business context, and the unique structure of their organizations.

Over the years we have developed and perfected our service offerings. We actively keep abreast of new developments in the HR sphere, and partner with a strong network of service providers in order to innovate and apply the best possible solutions for our clients. 

Our service offerings are: 

The Enterprise HRO Solution - ADEPT, Aid Develop and EmPower Talent

We have crafted ADEPT, our Enterprise HR Outsourcing solution, to enhance the talent management expertise of SMBs and equip it with strong HR leadership and operational support.

The HR Practice acts as an HR department, taking on strategic, tactical and operational HR functions. This enables the CEO to focus on his core responsibilities of growing the business and its profitability.

We are pioneers in Enterprise HR Outsourcing for SMBs in India. Our hands-on HR operations model has been validated across multiple industry sectors, including product development, mobile service providers, media, gaming, internet and retail. 


HR Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services focuses on enhancing the Human Capital value in an organization using bespoke HR solutions, developed specifically for each client partner. The areas where our services have been utilized most are:

  • HR Policies and Processes Development.
  • Succession and Career Growth Planning
  • Leadership Coaching, Competency frameworks, Capability building
  • Organization Structure Design
  • Performance Engineering 
  • Surveys

Our Advisory practice not only designs the solution, but also provides implementation expertise.


Interim HR Leader

Whether you would like to expedite your Organization Development plans, or quickly raise the profile and purpose of your HR function, bringing in an experienced HR Leader to take command of the Talent function is essential. Hiring the right Leader may take time, and shouldn't be a rushed decision; an Interim HR Leader can come on board much earlier to direct the company's HR roadmap. If desired, a search for the HR Head can also be undertaken during this period.

The Interim HR Leader works with the HR team to create the HR architecture best suited to the business, and also help the hired incumbent to effectively transition to this role. The HR Leader will be backed, at all times by the expertise of The HR Practice. 


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