At the HR Practice, you will find:

Flawless execution

Flawless execution is the hallmark of all the work The HR Practice does -we dot all our ‘i’s and cross all our ‘t’s . Our extremely  thorough preparation for every task is vital to the level of perfection with which we operate, and helps us to continuously build on the discipline required to deliver exceptional and consistent performance.

Investment in building expertise

We read about the new trends in HR, discuss with experts, exchange notes with team members, work on variety of projects - we LEARN every day in every way possible. Needless to say, this equips The HR Practice team to tackle new challenges head on. The time and effort spent in developing our individual skills also helps us become better HR professionals and gain the respect of our clients and partners.

Practice of total transparency

This total transparency is practiced not only with our team but also with our clients and partners. We believe with transparency comes mutual trust, which leads to an atmosphere of care and respect among clients, colleagues and associates. The environment thus created is very positive, and helps our people and company thrive. 

Equal voice for every team member

We respect diversity of thought and we always LISTEN! Team members are free to, or rather are encouraged to speak their minds. This way we get to build on each other’s ideas and progress with understanding, speed, and efficiency. It not only makes us a stronger team, but also builds our confidence levels in ourselves and our work. 

Take pride in every task

At The HR Practice, we are proud of the work we do. We are making a difference to the most important asset of our clients - their people. We know everything that we do contributes to our client’s success, and in the process, we are building careers doing meaningful work.


Life at THRP is not just about work. We're firm believers in a well-rounded environment, which includes an ambiance of open communication and fun, passion and energy. 


Meet the Crew!

and let them tell you about their experiences working at The HR Practice.

“Being a part of the initiation of The HR Practice, I have watched it grow from the initial stages of having a few clients to having over 18 clients in a span of 24 months. The HR Practice has given me an opportunity to work in all areas of HR – Strategic, Tactical and Operational – across various industry segments whereby enhancing my own skills as I was constantly being challenged to “think out of the box” and come up with solutions that had to cater to the needs of my clients which ever industry they belonged to.

Having been a part of the start up team, THRP has become family to me. Our fun trips to Goa have strengthened the bond. Our goal is to ensure that all our employees know that they have a family outside their homes that is looking out for them.

Today, I continue to be proud of the work that we do as I believe that it stays true to our vision of providing simple yet superior HR solutions. It also continues to fulfill my personal need of always striving to challenge myself while learning new things about human resources and its strategies which I feel no other organization would be able to do.”

Archana Gopakumar
Business Manager and Senior Consultant at The HR Practice.

Annual retreat: Goa 2008

Annual retreat: Goa 2008

"I joined THRP as a Management Trainee. We are like a family. Being at THRP makes you grow personally and professionally. Our seniors are good mentors and I like working with them. They are open to suggestions and are always willing to go the extra mile to help their team members.

I feel excited by the inherent challenges posed by the work at THRP. I find that the work here is very unique and very few companies in India offer the same platter of opportunities to choose from. Team meetings conducted fortnightly offer a platform to discuss ideas, issues, problems faced etc. The ‘learnings’ session conducted during these meetings helps widen our knowledge. Work is not the only thing that keeps us smiling though. We also eagerly look forward to our annual trip to Goa where we let our hair down and have a blast."

Shawn Crasta
Team Member, Advisory Services at The HR Practice.

“What I like most about THRP is the nature of our work. The fact that we are providing “real” solutions rather than just operating purely as a support function to clients is very attractive to me. I still remember the day I came for my interview - I thought it would be a typical HR role that would be offered to me.  I was pleasantly surprised! I remember thinking then the career options provided here are very promising….and yes they surely have been!

Work has been fun, exciting and packed with a whole lot of learning. I get to understand the whole gamut of how HR operates and the crucial role it plays in shaping organizations. To me, this move to THRP has been extremely beneficial – in terms of gaining knowledge, developing professionalism and of course enjoying the team work that is characteristic of the way we work! So far, it has been a great experience!!”

Smitha Ramakrishnan
Team Member, Advisory Services at The HR Practice.


A vibrant , enthusiastic and positive bunch of team members is what sets THRP apart from the other work places! The degree of openness and the non-hierarchical set up makes life easier- I can get in touch with Anu or anybody else in the team for help, whether it is personal or professional in nature. What I love the most is the sense of balance between professionalism and affection that the team members have towards each other. Working in THRP has enhanced my ability to resolve daily life issues and has enabled me to have more direction in life. I have started to think more positively as an individual as well.

THRP would have been one of the very few companies who had the courage to set up an enterprise primarily focusing on outsourcing the HR function in an age where Indian employers are skeptical about the concept itself. It gives me a sense of pride and delight when I think about the number of clients that we are currently associated with and how successful we have been in persuading them about the concept of outsourcing the HR function.

It’s been 3 eventful years since I have been a part of the THRP team, and I still believe that moving into the team at the time of its infancy was by far one of the best decisions that I have ever taken so far. Chances are that I would continue to work with THRP for a couple of more years till I decide to venture out into doing something more unconventional!”

Sarita Amith
Team Member, Enterprise HRO Services (ADEPT) at The HR Practice.

"What caught my attention first about The HR Practice, was its name. I guess the name says it all. We are simple. We are dedicated. We believe that the massive powerhouse, called human capital, can either make or break an organisation. Human Resources is a field which touches lives of all the employees working in an organisation. I became a part of THRP with a simple motive – to make some small, but significant difference to such lives.

My learning curve has shown a very steep rise here. The key word which drives this organisation is ‘empowerment’. The open work culture we operate in, together with the responsibilities which we shoulder increases our learning by leaps and bounds. The kind of exposure which we get while handling client relationships is immense. Our success lies solely in the success of our clients, and we are encouraged to go to all lengths to achieve this.

I would say that The HR Practice is a dream workplace for all those who believe in putting some hard work and seeing the results right in front of their eyes. I am looking forward to more such years of making a difference.”

Dipali Sarangi
Team Member, Enterprise HRO Services (ADEPT) at The HR Practice.


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