Crossword on Workplace Communication : Activity Corner; V5 Issue 1

Check out how conversant you are with the communication lingo in organizations by solving this crossword.


2. An employee who publicly reveals a wrongdoing taking place within his/her company (7,6).

5. The process of discussion with a view to arriving at a mutually agreeable settlement.

6. Forums, podcasts, bookmarking, blogs and social networking sites are types of ________ (6,5),used by HR professionals to source candidates and create peer networks.

8. The fundamental type of communication that supports other communications and provides observable expression of emotions and feelings (3,6).

10. Having a name from Botany, it is a very powerful unofficial communication.

12. A sender’s manipulation of information so that it will be seen more favorably by the receiver.

13. Communication type where two people at the same level interact in organisational context.

14. A communication model where all the people interact with one designated person in the Team with no interaction with other Team members.

15. <g>indicates what in an email?

16. A description of an organization’s purpose: what it does, what markets it serves and what direction it is going in.


1. The social manner in which people interact with each other within a group (5,8).

3. Cultures that rely heavily on nonverbal and subtle situational cues to communication (4,7).

4. A Web log written for and posted on the Internet.

7. Most important part of communication which involves receiving, processing and interpreting the information given by sender.

9. The barrier when same words have different meanings to different people eg. Hai.

11. Symbols used to show Emotion in E-Mail.