How effectively authentic are you at the workplace? : Activity Corner; V5 Issue 1

Answer the following questions in the work context with a “True” or a “False”. Honestly!

  1. I am aware of my values.
  2. My behaviour at work is in alignment with my values.
  3. I know what I want in my career.
  4. I am not doing everything I can to achieve my career goals.
  5. I do not regret the career decisions I have made.
  6. I do not know what my natural talents are.
  7. I use my natural talents at work as best as possible.
  8. I know my limitations and hence don’t volunteer for work that I know I am not capable of doing, even if it is very rewarding.
  9. I often express my views at work.
  10. I express what I feel about an issue without hurting other’s feelings.
  11. I often take a work decision based on what others think rather then listening to my inner voice.
  12. I often behave the way my colleagues expect me to behave.
  13. I am transparent in my communication to my colleagues about difficult issues like bad performance.
  14. I am a very different person at work than I am with friends and family.
  15. I am careful about not flouting any organisation rules or norms while doing what I believe in.
  16. A lot of times I am not sure why I behave in a certain way at the workplace.
  17. I love my job.
  18. I give my whole self to work.
  19. If there is something that creates disengagement from work for me I discuss it openly with my manager to address it.
  20. I am my natural self at work and don’t feel the stress of having to be somebody I am not.


Score your responses by giving a point to every ideal response as given below.

The higher your score the more effectively authentic you are at the workplace. Revisit these questions after a reasonable interval of time and see whether your score has improved. As long as there is an increase in the score you know your efforts to improve your authenticity quotient at the workplace has been effective.