What is a Talent? : Activity Corner; V4 Issue 4

What is a Talent?

Any recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behaviour that can be productively applied is a talent. It is impossible to build strength without any underlying talent. Being able to identify your team member’s talent is critical to nurturing it. Read the statements given below that are related to “talent identification and management” and mark them as “True” or “False”.

  1. Nervousness cannot be really a talent for anybody.

  2. Spontaneous top-of-mind reactions to situations provide the best trace of a person’s talents.

  3. Yearnings (being drawn to some activity time and again) reveal the presence of a talent particularly when they are felt early in life.

  4. Sometimes a talent does not signal itself through yearning. Instead ‘Rapid learning’ offers the clue to the existence of a talent.

  5. Satisfactions (when he/she uses them he/she feels good) also provide a clue to a person’s talent. So if you feel good after shirking responsibility it is a talent.

  6. As a manager you need to treat each of your subordinate the same way when you are managing them.

  7. A weakness is an area where one lacks proficiency.

  8. One way to manage a team member’s weakness is by finding another person who is good at it who can give the required support in that area to the team member.


Score your responses by giving a point to every right response.

Spontaneous reactions, yearnings, rapid learning, and satisfactions will all help you detect the traces of your team members’ talents. All the best in identifying their talents and managing them for greater performance! To understand more about talents, read ‘Now, Discover Your Strengths’.